view from the  Turpin Meadow Ranch  lodge
 I'm glad they let things show their age in the West
 Did you know Cody, Wyoming is the rodeo capital of the world?!
 If you find yourself at the crossroads of the Wind River reservation, take some time to walk around Shoshoni, Wyo. You'll be surprised what there is to be found.
 around the ranch
 just a dusting
 Granite had a long day
 This kind of thing happened everywhere, all the time
 Yellowstone homes some of the most vivid colors I've ever had the honor to see
 Whoever says ya can't get fancy in cowboy country has clearly never been to  The Rose
 We'd get so much snow, sometimes it'd be as high as the roof
 Aren't ranch dogs just the absolute  best
 Logan snowshoeing to find the perfect Christmas tree!
 Ok, technically this is in Idaho, but I  had  to show you
 Casual backyard view
 I don't think I ever got to ride Sailor, but boy, was he special
 BJ's been living in Buffalo Valley for decades. We spent Christmas there, and I was taken with all the old wares with which she's filled her home.
 the simple joys are aplenty
 And, to finish- a flood of Teton views
 horses, horses everywhere
 I never tire
 of these mountains
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