l u p e   f i a s co


I left this show with friends feeling high on life, my heart full. I posted the final shots a couple days after his show for Ultra5280, and as I was doing some editing, a notification popped up on my phone: "@LupeFiasco mentioned you in a post." And that feeling happened when you get real still, like time stops, and you look around checking to see if things around you are real. I opened Instagram, and boom, there Lupe was, posting my photo of him (see green hued shot above), which he captioned "Knotty Dissertation." I paced my apartment for five minutes, saying aloud to no one in particular, "Oh my goddess," over and over again. 


When a bit of the rush dissipated, I picked up my phone to share the news with a friend, and there was another notification-- he shared another photo (the one above), and added,

"Every single concert night I embrace the possibility that nobody is going to come out to my shows. I look at failure in the face and it looks back and smirks before I go on stage. 
But every night it’s wrong. And so am I. 
Thanx Fans! 🤚🏾 Credit: @meeshellen"

That was it, man. That was it. What I captured made him feel something about his work. I'm still stunned about it, so honored, and humbled about the connections people can make in this vast, crazy world. It was an incredible show. He is an amazing artist. Here's to looking at failure in the face, to proving it and ourselves wrong, every damn night.

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