Shot by Kendrick of Blue Talon Photography 

Shot by Kendrick of Blue Talon Photography 

I take fotos & dream in velvet

Hi! My name is Meesh and I am photographer & creative collaborator based in Denver, Colorado.

One night some time ago, I told myself "I'm going to quit this rat race and become a photographer! I will go on tours with bands and capture beauty and truth in this world!" So that's what I do now, more or less. 

I shoot people & how they express themselves-- mostly musicians & artists-- what it means to be in a place-- hello street photography & abandoned buildings-- and whatever else catches my eye-- usually velvet. 

You can find my live music coverage, including some of my writing, over on

If The Gram is your thang, here is my handle. If you care to scope my resumé, I'll let ya. 

But if you're more of the artsy,  introverted type, here is my  VSCO-- ahem, it's my fave. 

I'm actively seeking to work with people to curate inspiring & thoughtful events, to use my photography skills to highlight innovative & stylish products & services, and to connect with budding communities of creative entrepreneurs. 

Shoot me an email-- -- and let's get the ball rolling.